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Ads Can Trigger The Algorithm To Work In Your Favor

A laptop screen displaying YouTube next to an piece of artwork on the wall to demonstrate how b00st.com advertising clients grow their brands online.

There’s no such thing as a panacea. Don’t let anyone, especially a salesperson or marketer, tell you otherwise.

The Challenge

Online ads are a great way to spread the word about music. Hundreds of thousands of ad campaigns are launched every year, promoting music consumption, ticket sales, and everything else in the artist ecosystem (aka. creator economy).

However, when it comes to return on investment, ads cannot mask the challenging economics of the music industry.

  1. Artists around the globe still only make a fraction of a cent per stream – under 60,000 artists pulled in north of $10,000 via Spotify in 2021
  2. Touring venues across large geographical areas gets expensive quickly, especially when the venues are small
  3. No other reliable income sources exists at scale, albeit NFTs or “insert latest trend” try to make us believe otherwise

The Opportunity

While it is as hard as ever to make a dollar in music, recording, releasing, and marketing music has never been easier.

In that new reality, online ads play a critical role, as they oftentimes can be the catalyst for reaching critical mass to level up.

How To Trigger The YouTube Algorithm

A real life example is cellist Miriam K. Smith. Her latest campaign showcases what can happen when the right content is marketed to the right audience at the right time.

Miriam (b. 2006) is a soloist playing with orchestras across the United States and, before running ads with b00st.com, has never spent money promoting her brand or music online.

Her team felt the time was right to promote her YouTube channel alongside her latest album release in October.

Diving Into The Numbers

YouTube stats comparing views garnered via advertising and organic algorithmic pickup.

After promoting Miriam’s live performance videos, the YouTube algorithm started to suggest her videos to fans who enjoy classical music.

As a result, algorithmic views have generated over 3,500 free views and counting.

In addition to views, the campaign and algorithmic pickup tripled her YouTube subscribers.

Our Takeaway

The good news is that results like Miriam’s are not the exception.

We’ve seen many campaigns across all major consumption platforms deliver results.

The most important part is great content and timing.

If you are interested in giving our autonomous ad experience a try, head over to b00st.com and press the signup/sign-in button.

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