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Ads Made Easy


Today, we’re pleased to introduce the b00st.com Ads button!

The b00st.com Real Easy Ads button. Ads for music -- the artists that make it and their teams who help to sell it.

b00st.com empowers artists and their teams to execute a full-fledged advertising campaign in less than a minute. Type in an artist name, link/channel to promote, a creative asset, and conquer online promotion with the push of a button.

Here’s how it works:

b00st.com AIs optimize your online promotion via ads across Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Google. The creative upload tool automagically handles sizing and everything for your ads, including copy. And b00st.com sends a daily report to your inbox, so you can keep tabs on campaigns.

To get started, sign in via b00st.com and push the button.

Of course nothing changes for advanced users. Drop a line to team@b00st.com to get going just like before. Wanna use both? No problem!

P.S.: Push the Button happens to be my favorite album from The Chemical Brothers, more on that via Discogs - Chemical Brothers.

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