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Community Announcement

Main b00st.com community default page listing all the categories available

We are thrilled to share that b00st.com client support, customer engagement, and feedback capabilities got a massive overhaul today. Your links should start to reroute sometime over the next 48 hours.

✨ Check it out: community.b00st.com

Docs + FAQ + community

We're combining our former docs, frequently asked questions, and Discord into a better format, a community. The b00st.com community is a place that client users, aspiring artists, and your b00st.com team can interact together. Under the hood, we're using Discourse -- open source software made to "redo" the product and industry "forum" into a modern discussion platform.

Now you can ask questions, interact with other users, and get help in a way that we can scale for other and future users to rely upon.

Try it on

The easiest way to dig in is to try it -- head over to community.b00st.com.

Improved navigation

Now it's much easier to see major topics for help and deeper understanding of b00st.com cross platform ad campaigns.

You can easily deep dive into specific sub-topics, too, right from the landing page. Popular and new topics will be highlighted automatically.

A screenshot of the b00st.com community search feature when searching for the word 'pricing'

Just type the / key to bring up the search bar experience! Type anything and relevant content should be appropriately displayed to you within the search widget.

Other cool keyboard shortcuts
  • Use shift + R to reply to a post without lifting your arm to massage the mouse.
  • Press = to open the Hamburglar menu.
  • Use tab normally to navigate pages.
  • j to move down inside a post, navigating through comments/sections downwards.
  • k to move up inside a post, navigating through comments/sections updwards.

Reply and comment at will!

You can now ask questions about a topic, post, or sub-topic. In addition, you can respond to other b00st.com client users, prospective artists, and the b00st.com team. As you post, ask, and participate more, your trust level will automatically increase, allowing you more latitude over content and moderation of that content.

Built-in training

On first sign in you'll notice that the discobot will walk you through an interactive "session" for some light training. This will help you best use and leverage the b00st.com community while staying out of the way.

Don't like discobot? Shush that devil away; it's smart so shouldn't bother you again!

Feedback, please!

As you know, we ♥ feedback here at b00st.com. When you say jump we immediately begin asking ourselves "how high?" As an example, a pro client recently asked for an improved payment ability and we're already almost ready for deployment.

✨ Want to see an improvement?

You can let us know about an improvement to see via our b00st.com Feature Request.

❓ Complaint, bug, or something else?

Ask Anything - b00st.com Community

An example post to get you going: I have a problem with <xyz> - Ask Anything - b00st.com Community

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