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Vertical Videos in the Spotlight - Instagram’s Encore for Entertainment


Exploring the forefront of digital trends, this post showcases Instagram Reels as one of the top choices for brands aiming to maximize their return on investment on Meta. We explore why Reels excel in advertising, providing strategies and examples to engage your audience more effectively.

With b00st.com, elevating your brand's presence has never been easier. Dive in to discover how transforming your approach with Reels can not only captivate your audience but also catapult your brand into new heights.

Instagram Unplugged - Let's Take a Closer Look

Since being acquired by Meta, Instagram transformed from just another app to a leading social media platform, reaching 1.628 billion users worldwide in 2023 — a 23.5% increase. Thanks to Kepios for the data, which places Instagram as the fourth most popular social media platform globally. Notably, Instagram's advertising audience grew by 12%, surpassing Facebook in terms of growth rate, and establishing Instagram as a prime location for launching campaigns.

Reels, Instagram's advertising dynamo, saw a 57% surge in usage. According to Socialinsider, Reels boast a 1% engagement rate—the highest among Instagram content types. They're not only engaging but also expanding reach and making a significant impact, establishing themselves as key players in connecting with audiences.

The popularity of Reels can be attributed to the trend of vertical videos. People are increasingly attached to their smartphones and Reels has become the talk of the town, providing advertisers with unparalleled access to audience engagement.

With a watch rate of 13% - outperforming TikTok's 9% — and users spending nearly 15 hours a month on Instagram, it's evident that Instagram is a vital arena for digital marketing, with Reels at the forefront of the competitive social landscape.

Chart demonstrating that users spend an average of 14 hours and 50 minutes per month on Instagram, making it a vital platform for brands to engage with their audience, foster community, and drive sales

Kepios - data were collected from April to June 2023.

Wondering If It is Worth the Hype?

Analyzing data from b00st.com, Instagram Reels emerge as the leader in advertising value across Meta, offering high returns at low costs. With a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of only $3, cost per click (CPC) at $0.30, and a click-through rate (CTR) exceeding 1%, Reels provide an affordable way to connect with your audience effectively.

In contrast, the Instagram Feed has higher advertising costs, with a CPM of $4, a CPC of $0.40, and a CTR of 0.95%. This means you end up paying 17% more for clicks that are 74% less effective. Essentially, it's like paying premium prices for less desirable outcomes. Make sure your ads are accounting for this, like b00st.com client campaigns do, automatically.

Real world success

But it's not just about the numbers. Artists on b00st.com, including Domani and Hunter Daily, demonstrate the real-world success of Reels, achieving twice the effectiveness of Feed ads. Their experiences confirm that Reels are not only cost-efficient but also highly engaging, establishing them as the premier choice for achieving reach and engagement.

b00st.com ads for domani

Domani b00st.com Instagram ads

Breaking It Down

Reviewing the data reveals a straightforward verdict: Instagram Reels represent the pinnacle of efficient advertising, offering significant value. With a cost of just $3 per thousand impressions (CPM), a manageable $0.30 cost per click (CPC), and a click-through rate (CTR) exceeding 1%, Reels stand out as the most economical choice for maximizing both reach and engagement without inflating expenses.

Conversely, the Instagram Feed, with its higher CPM of $4, a CPC of $0.40, and a slightly lower CTR of 0.95%, appears less effective and more costly. This comparison suggests a strategic pivot to Reels could yield superior engagement and more efficient use of advertising budgets.

This point is exemplified by artists like Hunter Daily on b00st.com, who have seen their Reels advertisements outperform their Feed counterparts twofold. Their success stories serve as tangible evidence that Reels not only offer cost benefits but also significantly impact engagement and audience reach.

b00st.com ads for Hunter Daily

Hunter Daily's b00st.com Instagram ads

Digital ads are always evolving

The transition to Reels marks a critical evolution in advertising strategies, especially as Instagram's advertising reach has grown impressively, rebounding with a 17.5% increase in 2023 after a brief slowdown. This growth underscores the importance and immediacy of embracing vertical video formats like Reels for current and future digital marketing campaigns. Advertisers are encouraged to innovate and leverage these insights to forge meaningful connections with their audience.

Bridging the Gap - Our Contribution

Our advertising solution places you at the forefront of the vertical content movement, leveraging Instagram Reels to deliver a powerful combination of reach, engagement, and cost-effectiveness. The popularity of vertical videos among audiences makes incorporating them into your campaigns a strategic must. Our key advice? Elevate your campaign strategies with compelling vertical content to not just compete but lead.

Automagic Adoption FTW

Adopting Reels through b00st.com transforms your advertisements from mere visuals to impactful experiences. This approach, attuned to the preferences of the digital audience, ensures your campaigns resonate deeply, achieving and exceeding marketing objectives. Embracing vertical videos with b00st.com is a strategic move, crucial for differentiation and effectiveness in today’s crowded digital landscape.

🚀 By going vertical, you enhance visibility, drive engagement and secure your success. 🚀

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