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Artists win by promoting effectively

A showcase of excellent performance by Roman Alexander via agency partner and client, Blackbox, using b00st.com

Winning in the music industry

The road to success in music tends to be shrouded with a cloak of mystery. For every fork in the road there are wildly contradicting opinions.

Here are a few to get the party started (or your blood boiling depending on where you sit):

  • What is the best distributor?
  • Do I need a label?
  • When do I hire a publicist?
  • How do I get my song on the radio?
  • How/when/where do I run online ads?

The good news

While we aren’t the all-wise oracle (even though we like the one of Omaha quite a lot) we’re here to tell you the good news: you can cross paid digital advertising off the list once and for all.

Every action and reaction online can be quantified. Some events are harder to measure and quantify than others. That said, facts, not opinions, are what matter when it comes to executing advertising buys across the web.

With a smart system to analyze the never-ending stream of zeroes and ones, b00st.com solves complex problems for pretty much any online ad buy in real-time, delivering artists the optimal way to promote at dirt cheap prices.

Of course, b00st.com isn’t a panacea. Not every campaign is going to be a home run, much like not every song is going to make it into the Top 100. However, in the end, artists can be confident that for any problem set at hand, b00st.com executes optimally. This means spending your money in the best way possible. As an aside, don’t be overly shocked if we shut a campaign off early and return the funds. Sometimes we just don’t see performance that meets ours or our artist clients’ expectations.

Who's using b00st.com?

Our algos and APIs are plugged into Google, TikTok, and Facebook and over just the past few months hundreds of artists have used b00st.com to promote online effectively.

Our latest case studies showcase a few of our favorite past campaigns.

Marketing? Check out b00st.com. But wait, you’re a developer? Join our tincre.dev Developer Platform alpha: Email hi@tincre.dev.

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