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Amping up our free offering to $500 a month!

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As b00st.com artists across the spectrum leverage our robust free offering, we are doubling down with a revamped, expanded free tier.

As of today, artists across genres spanning hip-hop, pop, country, and jazz – those with major-label backing and those entirely independent – can run ads each month up to $500 bucks, for free.

We’re committed to pushing the music industry forward and it’s our mission to bring b00st.com artists as much value for as little cost as possible. We’re updating pricing across the board as we roll out the up-to $500 free offering. Check out https://b00st.com#pricing for details.

Standard plan

b00st.com artists are on the standard plan by default. It includes automated cross-platform digital ads that run across Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and coming soon, TikTok. In addition, the standard plan includes our once-a-day simple email reporting.

More on that

And best of all, the standard plan includes the free tier. Get one campaign up-to $500 for free, every month, built right in as a default. Subsequent campaigns can be run with as little as $50 in ad spend, with the same 10% fee as before.

Login, run your campaign, pay via the email link, and we handle the rest. Artists can get back to Logic, Pro Tools, or practicing the ever-evil c-scale on the xylophone. Close your eyes and try the latter, if you’re particularly inclined to impose pain onto yourself.

Pro plan

We also work with labels, management companies, and entertainment agencies, to help expand their marketing resource footprint. Much of that work demonstrated demand for a tangential, complementary product offering.

So we’re bringing our partner teams the bacon! The all-new Pro plan has aggregated and enhanced reporting, campaigns that run in artist-specific ad accounts, and scheduled check-ins and strategy sessions with an experienced account executive, among other features.


The Pro plan is a monthly subscription that includes the monthly free campaign, and lower 9% campaign fees thereafter, of up to $10K per-campaign. Subscribers get fully-managed service for up to 100 b00st.com campaigns per-month, regularly discussed with their experienced account executive over weekly video meetings. In addition, Pro plan subscribers get aggregated reporting and overview insights, each week.

The Pro plan is just $400/mo per seat. Check it out at https://b00st.com#pricing and sign up here.

What’s next?

Expanding the free tier and adding the Pro plan product are just the start. This year we’re adding platforms like TikTok, expanding automated use of current platforms such as Google search, and upgrading our reporting on the site for all b00st.com users.

Do you have a product feature request? Let us know here: b00st.com product response. We ❤️ feedback!

Simple pricing, lower costs

In summary, we’re rolling out lots of gravy for b00st.com artists over the coming months. We’ve expanded the free tier to $500, are offering an enhanced managed agency-like service for clients with bigger requirements, and are rolling out new features throughout the year.

We love what b00st.com artists are able to accomplish with our hyper-simple, low-cost, always-on, cross-campaign digital ads. We’re full-throttle in bringing even more to the table.

Stay tuned and in the meantime head over to b00st.com for the simplest way to market your music.

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