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Can Ads Win a Grammy?

The Grammy award in all its glory.

With the 65th Grammy Awards past us and Beyoncé having reminded everyone on the planet who’s boss, your b00st.com team was privileged to play a small part in an epic Grammy win by one of the best bands, ever.

Bringing method to the madness

As the company that strives to bring efficient autonomous online ads for artists from bedroom to stadium-level, we admit, the subject line is cheeky. And maybe even a bit clickbaity.

However, if we take politics as a blueprint, there is certainly precedent that the right campaign can sway the opinion of an entire population in a candidate’s favor.

In music, it would take a monumental effort for an artist without a groundswell and a fantastic record or song to persuade the opinion of eligible Grammy voting members.

Of course we are omitting the power of mind control and the contagious power of vitality some artists seem to possess 😂

But what happens when an artist with a big enough groundswell, incredible music and a fantastic record adds some marketing fuel to the fire?

A Winning Combination: Snarky Puppy

We asked that Grammy question for a very good reason.

Not too long ago, when the Grammy voting window was open, GroundUP Music ran the below ad for their client Snarky Puppy via b00st.com.

The Grammy win by Snarky Puppy via an ad run via b00st.com on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

And during the 2023 Grammy Awards, Empire Central WON Best Contemporary Instrumental Album! 🎉

Spreading those good sounds around the web

b00st.com got to play a microscopic role in spreading the word about Snarky Puppy’s remarkable album and congratulate the band on their well-deserved achievement. We were absolutely stoked internally when the campaign came in, as we’re huge fans ourselves.

Our team has been a fan for over a decade, regularly plays Snarky Puppy videos and albums during parties/gatherings and really any time people around will listen.

So can ads win a Grammy?

Hell no. You listened to that album, right?

But it does beg the question: what can happen when you add a little bit of spice, or good old marketing, to an amazing work of art?

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