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Digging Deep Into The New Dashboard

A close-up of the dashboard coming for b00st.com volume two. Rock and track your ads in one place with the new b00st.com!

🎉 b00st.com volume II is finally coming out! 🎉

📷️ Let's dig into the new dashboard

Get ready: we'll be reaching out to our most active clients with a link to try out the new dashboard within the coming weeks.

But for now, let's dig in and show you what the new dashboard is all about.

🏟️ All your campaigns in one place

A close-up of the campaign overview for b00st.com volume two. See it all with the new dashboard!

See everything, all at once with the new b00st.com dashboard. Once you login you'll see all your campaigns in one place with helpful info and easy data downloads.

Click into a campaign to see its detailed time series data on the metrics you should care about.

🔂 Repeat with ease

A close-up of the b00st.com dashboard repeat button.

Clicking "repeat" will automatically populate a new campaign and bring up the dialog. Press "submit" and you're ready to rock!

It's easier than ever to fire off a new secure payment link. Press that "Payment" button. Check your email. And pay.

A shot of the b00st.com dashboard payment link generation button.

And our new payment system will shoot you a text and remember your stuff, securely.

🆘 Get help super fast

The support button on each campaign in the b00st.com dashboard.

Need help? Click that support button to fire off a message to your trusty b00st.com support team.

Spam us, we're masochists 😈

📊 Data and campaign details

To see detailed data on any campaign simply click it from your dashboard overview.

You'll see some beautiful performance, we bet!

Campaign details on-click of a campaign from the b00st.com dashboard overview.

🤔 What are you thinking?

Have a serious question, concern, or are more stoked than we are? Let us know in the b00st.com community.

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As always, stay classy 😎

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