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Touring, Shows, and Ticket Sales

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Typically, an artist follows one of two paths. Firstly, they release music, garner a substantial fan base, and then perform in markets where they have enough followers to justify a show. Alternatively, an artist may perform in a small area, such as a college town, building a decent online and streaming following that leads to larger shows in bigger territories.

For most famous and popular bands, complexities are handled by various supporting teams, whereas independent and popular bands face the same challenges once a show goes up for sale.

The focus of this article is what occurs once a show goes up for sale.

🎟️ Ticketing Service

Ticketmaster is the leading ticketing provider, but new startups seem to tackle the age-old problem providing alternative solutions nearly every day. Ultimately, venues and local promoters have their ticketing partners, which often vary from venue to venue.

Artists should know each partner's capabilities, including tracking and remarketing, contests, and other features.

Knowing the point of sale for each show date is also crucial for advertising and promotion. Too many clicks required to purchase tickets results in a higher drop-off rate.

📅 Tour Date Websites

Tour date websites like BandsInTown simplify the music industry by enabling artists to host their dates on their website via a simple plug-in. They come with additional tools to communicate and harness an audience.

However, they can be silent killers for advertising and promotion purposes if it takes too many steps to buy a ticket.

For some, fans must even download and install an app before buying tickets, resulting in high bounce rates.

⏲️ Timing

Timing is another critical consideration for ticket sales.

Fans are more likely to purchase tickets when they are excited about a forthcoming release or show.

It is no secret that the bulk of tickets move during the on-sale and walk-up windows.

If artists want to increase ticket sales, the best time to spend money on promotion is during the high-demand windows, such as the announcement and walk-up.

🌯 In Conclusion

Ticket sales and touring present challenges for independent and popular bands alike.

Understanding the ticketing services and partners available, as well as their capabilities, is crucial for successful promotion and advertising.

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Our software and team have successfully promoted shows from tiny clubs to big stadiums, and everything in between.


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