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Under The Hood of b00st.com Vol 2

Classic cars with their hoods up showing the awesomeness of a well-crafted engine, like b00st.com for online promotion and advertising.

🎉 b00st.com volume II is out, in beta form! 🎉

Over the next few days, watch out for an email from us with a link or try it here beta.b00st.com.

Now, buckle up. This post will reference some technical stuff so feel free to skip if you're not into software and programming.

But since some of you are, we though it would be good to let you in on the action and get our hands dirty.

🏗️️ Technically speaking, what makes the new b00st.com?

b00st.com users please meet Promo, the marquee digital ad system for launching, displaying, and managing ads across the web from our parent firm, Tincre.

Promo is launching across industries but you'll see it throughout the music industry, first.

🎁 Sales/landing site

The b00st.com you know and love just got a whole lot better. That said, the landing site (the one you see before you login) hasn't changed much.

It's more important that we bring you the actual goods rather than focus on the sales site. But, once we get some feedback from users on the b00st.com V2 beta, we'll be spending some time to make the landing sparkle more.

Next.js and Tailwindcss

While still early in development, we took a risk and decided to build on Vercel's incredible React framework called Next.js with Tailwindcss for styling.

That paid off, to say the least.

Both projects exploded in popularity, gained incredible stability, and are now the reason our development can ship you stable and clean applications, with very little resources. Those low costs are a direct benefit to you, and one of the reasons we can run your ads at half the cost of the competition.

Pure 🔥

🏟️ The Dashboard

When you login to the beta site you will see a dashboard and a walkthrough, assuming everything works as expected. If it doesn't, please let us know.

You'll see some dummy campaigns at first and once you run your first campaign your dashboard will populate with your data.

Click a campaign and you'll see metrics like spend, cost-per clicks, and views, to name a few.

React library Promo Dashboard

Tincre maintains an open source library called the Promo Dashboard, hosted on Github and licensed with the permissive MPL 2.0.

If you're a developer, you can use this library at will to build your own apps on Promo or even something entirely different!

📣 Ads Button

As you'll see, your "Real Easy Ads" button got a big, big upgrade, which we detailed in our previous rundown.

So what's new in button-land?

  • Ad previews
  • Lots more copy and button-click content options
  • Multiple image and video assets in one submission
  • Payment starts right in the button

Open Source Promo Button

Like your new dashboard, the ads button is a Tincre open source project called the Promo Button.

Developers can plug and play with this and Tincre's other open source libraries to rock ads anywhere their hearts (or business team members) desire. Seriously.

💳️ Payment

It's easier than ever to pay for b00st.com campaigns. Now when you submit a campaign, payment pops up right there in the button. And if you want to pay later, or ship that link to someone else to pay (like your mom on mother's day!) we email you a link, too.

So how does all that magic happen?

Stripe magic

We built Promo Pay on top of Stripe, the internet's banking infrastructure. They're as reliable as it comes and have been an amazing partner for us as we build and bring you the goods.

Specifically, we use a customized version of Stripe Checkout for Node.js. When you get a payment link or rock payment in the dashboard, we're piping an encrypted, signed payload that only we can verify and decrypt, using the b00st.com Promo app's credentials.

This means no other Promo deployment can mess with your payment, forge campaign receipts, or any of that cheque fraud crap you might have read about recently in the news!

🤔 Let us know your thoughts!

Have a concern, question, or are more stoked than we are? Shout it aloud in your b00st.com community.

Specific beta-related feedback is much appreciated; please provide that here.

And thanks for rocking with us for your ads. We ❤️ you people.

Stay classy 😎

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