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Introducing b00st.com Chat

An example conversation with b00st.com chat about the best performing advertsing campaign in November, which ended up being Stewart Copeland's 'Klark Kent' pre-order.

💬 b00st.com Chat

Our AI-enabled chat feature is now accessible within the dashboard, capable of addressing inquiries regarding all campaigns or specific ones, in addition to answering all frequently asked questions.

Here are a few examples of marketing snippets to use for the chat feature:

  • “What's my campaign spending today?”
  • “List average CPCs for campaigns in a table with the headers ‘Campaign ID’ and ‘CPCs’ for dates between Nov. 23 and Nov. 27”
  • “Give me the link to the creative asset for this campaign!”

🚀 Skipping Dashboard Overload

To ensure the fastest and most efficient online advertising experience, our primary goal is to save your time and prevent confusion. That's why we focus on delivering critical information instantly upon request, rather than overwhelming your screen with an abundance of data cards to sift through.

A screenshot of a b00st.com chat inquiry asking about the target link and YouTube views of a specific campaign.

😀 Your Feedback Is Much appreciated

As with all software in beta, we're continually refining and improving our system every day.

The chatbot is still in its early stages, so please bear with us for any initial hiccups. If you encounter a critical bug that impedes your workflow, preventing you from completing tasks correctly, please reach out to our team at team@b00st.com!

🌶️ Pro-tip: you can also just pound that Beta button in the chat widget; it'll fire up an email for you!

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